The sustainable success of BestSecret, as a leading European online destination for off-price fashion with a focus on premium and luxury apparel, is based on our passion for fashion, the goal to always offer our customers the best service and our outstanding work. To continue this success story, we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in all areas of our operations in the interest of sustainable management.

Therefore, we place great emphasis on our compliance culture, adherence to applicable laws and our internal policies, as well as our Code of Conduct and our corporate values. We do not tolerate unlawful behavior, as it contradicts our understanding of a successful and sustainably managed company. Our success with all stakeholders - employees, suppliers, customers and investors - is based on the quality of our services and the attractiveness of our offering. Illegal behavior poses a major threat to both our reputation and our economic success.

Compliance is an essential instrument for the prevention and sanctioning of violations of applicable law and internal policies. The BestSecret Group is committed to this goal. We have therefore, inter alia, implemented specific compliance policies and procedures. We fight corruption - publicly and privately, actively and passively - and have therefore made this issue one of the focal points of our compliance management system.

The aim of our Compliance department is to be a trustworthy and responsible contact for each of our employees, suppliers, other business partners and customers, as their trust in us is our greatest motivation.

We have set up an electronic whistleblowing system that can be accessed by whistleblowers at any time and free of charge and also enables anonymous reports.

Via the Whistleblowing link you may also render reports with regard to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (SCDDA).